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Swift Water Rescue Team

Here in Deschutes County we are blessed with an abundance of water related recreational activities Deschutes Search & Rescue Snowmobile team This includes both still water and dynamic (moving) water situations. While most people believe that recreating in our lakes and rivers is a safe activity, each year the Swift Water Team is called out to provide assistance to swimmers and/or boaters who find themselves in varying degrees of trouble. The Team also performs search / recovery operations for persons that have become lost in the water.

The Team is made up of volunteers with varying degrees of expertise. Team members receive hands on training in land based rescue options, ropes and mechanical advantage systems, rescue swimmer technician, and rescue boat operation. The Team is outfitted with personnel and equipment to safely conduct small scale technical water rescue, search operations. With with added availability of additional non-funded equipment, the capabilities of your Swift Water Team would be enhanced with the ability for a more rapid response / deployment of emergency rescue resources, as well as be able to provide for better search / recovery operations.

The Swift Water Team is always in search of new members interested in being part of this special group of individuals dedicated to the service of protecting and educating the public on safe practices while enjoying all the water related recreational activities available in Central Oregon.

Swift Water Rescue Team Mission Statement

The mission of the DCSSAR Swift Water Team is to respond to water rescue and search/recovery emergencies within the County of Deschutes, Oregon. The Team will supplement neighboring jurisdictions with assistance in water related emergency incidents at their request. The goal of the Team is to provide the citizens of our communities with the assurance of quality service through the use of updated equipment and to provide quality training and qualification / certification of our members.

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STOP! If you have an emergency, please call 911 with your details and they will notify SAR management.

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